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I’m about to let you in on a little secret. In Manhattan, apartment doormen are the “keepers of keys” when it comes to gossip and the hushed “happenings” of the buildings’ tenants. They know who comes and goes. They know your daily patterns and schedules. They know your packages and food orders. Heck – they…

via Let Life Change You — BeautyBeyondBones

Caralayn writes: “And at one point in the conversation, he looked at me — just his eyeballs visible over his mask — and he said, “You’ve got to let life change you.”

In 1987, while driving on the narrow, twisty Bainskloof Pass, I religiously closed my eyes and gave God a blank cheque.  I said: “change me into the person YOU want me to be, at all cost.”  Trust me, my prayers had been answered.

God weaned me off religion.

God gave me a painful exodus from the Egypt we call “church.”

God freed me of bias, prejudice and a few other things.

God changed my ways and my thoughts.

I don’t attend reunions, as I am a different guy that would rock up.

I also became totally intolerant of crap, like the rioting in the USA, as I grew up in that communist-socialist-Marxist kind of civil warfare, where every parked car, every trash can, every shopfront or even an empty soda can could explode any moment. I grew up with gunshots in the streets and the ever-present threat of socialist take-over.  We fought a war between Christ and Satan that the leftist media portrayed as a black vs white thing.  If anything, ANTIFA over in the US just served to reinforce my aversion to socialism.  That rioting has Karl Marx written all over it.  Interesting to see that, like here in South Africa, it’s the same people that don choir robes, shouting their hallelujas frenetically, that also fight for the Antichrist, breaking down Christianity as they go.

I am a changed man, as I don’t socialise the way I used to and am positively jealous of my private time with Jesus.  Yes, let life change you, let Jesus be your life. 

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