Calling out Wokeness and Snowflakes

racism, definition: prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism directed against a person or people on the basis of their membership of a particular racial or ethnic group, typically one that is a minority or marginalized.

Here in South Africa, the only country that actually ever had Apartheid laws (others called it by another name, “segregation”) we sometimes frown upon the raw and acute racism we see in other countries. And I don’t mean just people hating blacks but also blacks hating others. This problem has been around for at least half a millennium and isn’t going to go away soon.

It will survive because obstinate people intentionally keep racism alive, as they benefit from it. They benefit while playing victim, make others look guilty until someone yet again comes along with hand-outs. Sending emotional bills have a means of accruing material payments. Someone is in a big-time here and we already hear about Antifa raking in the Dollars. Crime pays, just sometimes.

Racist conduct, racism, hate speech and such is a crime where I live, but somehow only a crime when aimed at blacks. Slander the whites, no problem. They can’t sue as no law protects them.

Yet their illogical, racist hatred needs to be exposed. They are mum on some seventeen million African slaves stolen from Africa and brutally enslaved in Arabia by Muslim Arabs and Swahili traders from the Zanj, Africans living on the eastern side of Africa. Seventeen million?? Against that, out of yet another twelve million, just short of 388,000 ended up in the USA. 388,000 vs 17 million yet African Americans “feel the pain” four hundred years later, to blame, shame and burn, loot and destroy while pardoning Meccah for their seventeen million? And, bear in mind that the ones that went to the USA were caught and sold by their very own tribal chiefs to a Black slave trader in the US. Eat that, swallow, regurgitate and chew again.
White Slavery
To the USA:

Over 300,000 white British were used as slaves in the pioneer days of the USA, almost one white for every one black slave, save for a few. So: where is the white rioting, pain, blaming, looting, arson, anarchy now? Why don’t they do as their black fellow countrymen do?
To North Africa:

Between 1600s and the 1800s, some 1.25 million whites were raided by African and Arab Muslims, from Europe. From Greece and Turkey right up to Iceland. Yes, people living near shores were simply raided and kidnapped. Unlike their black counterparts, they were not caught and sold by their own but truly stolen. Please exhume Mr Robert Nestor Marley, so that he can correct his lyrics. He got it wrong. At one point in time, a cardinal in Rome requested the then Pope to pay a ransom for 3,000 Maiiorcan men – said Pope complied, the Muslim Man got his dough and the folks went free. Whites seemed to have treated their own families and tribes better than did the Africans.

In 2017, I met a Kenyan girl online, of uncertain age. From her photo, I estimated her to have been anywhere between fourteen and seventeen, at the most. A man from her village promised her a job; she just had to raise funds to get to Qatar, first. So, she worked hard to be able to travel and take up her new position. She also had to pay the local man a thousand dollars or so. Upon arrival in Qatar, she was bundled into a vehicle and ended up in Saudi Arabia as a slave. Another black African sold into slavery by her own. But all will be cross with whites because of this, however illogical that would be. Because you can’t, in Africa, put blame on an older village person and you can’t even imagine suspecting a good, faithful Saudi Muslim. (But read Carmen Bin laden’s autobiography for background.) She was being held captive and had no freedom, had to stay in the back yard behind locked gates and high walls. She also had no contact with her loved ones back in Kenya. Somehow, someone will find a way to blame me, just because I am white. Yet I am the guy who learned about her, then spoke to her via social media and reported her to a rescue mission. That is where I lost contact and have no further knowledge of her whereabouts

I think that, if people can irrationally burn down a country in 2020 for some perceived wrong done in 1620 to less than 400k people, there should some retribution be aimed at the real culprits, the Muslims of Arabia. They had enslaved many millions and still seem to be doing it. Apportion blame where it is due but, black mister, don’t subdue my innocent Christian lady friend in Manhatten to go on her knee for you. As your brutality is nothing short of raping her. I think you should be found and left to rot in Alcatraz.


In South Africa, I heard a white Afrikaans radio presenter mention “the Khoisan slaves” on national radio. An experienced presenter and a very esteemed one. She should go back to where she collected her degree as her factual knowledge is in deficit.

White farmers, the actual food producers, get decimated in an ongoing genocide. What a rainbow nation we are.

At no point in time, were the Khoisan ever formally enslaved – fact. Don’t come with your opinions, bring me the facts. This is why I hate sleezy opinions, as it can affect millions of innocent people when someone let some fart slip from the lips. Up to British occupation in 1806, all had suffrage and all were free to choose where to live. Sixty per cent of the residents of the famous Bo-Kaap were political prisoners from Java, Indonesia, Batavia, Syria, Malaysia, India, East African countries, etc. The term “Cape Malay” is really a misnomer. Bo-Kaap also is where Afrikaans became a written language when parts of the Q’Uran was translated into the local vernacular.

South Africa’s slaves mostly came from Angola, Madagaskar and East African countries. I can’t vouch for that as I didn’t live back then, so don’t blame me.

Finally, the illogical, misappropriated and toxic acidic hate for white people is none other than raw, primaeval R A C I S M by the very ones accusing others of just that.

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