A Big Apple Celeb’s Faith in the Fast Lane

Being cinematically challenged, I didn’t know who this girl was when we first met on WordPress. At the time, I knew both the name and face of another actress, Keri Russell and I’d be able to spot Sheryl Crow in a crowd but only if she wielded that deep voiced Gibson guitar.

So, when we exchanged a few emails discussing life and spirituality, I discovered a reborn, purified heart. The kind that exudes invisible beauty. Over the years, a classy lady emerged, always in good taste.

All celebs aren’t equal. Jesus makes the difference.

The lives of most celebs I find revolting, disgusting. A cute face doesn’t cut it for me, if there’s no solid character attached.

The one under review here admitted to have been a virgin at age forty. That made a solid impression upon me. In a world where celebs are like oily, expired take-outs, this one came as a crispy fresh exotic salad. Not your average.

Virginity aside, I also found something else in her. Her heart’s tenanted by the Living God, the Creator Jesus Christ. No half measures here. If one can afford to be choosy, don’t settle for Barábbas like most did. Get the best visitor to chill out in your lounge.

Here is what Cara says in her own beautiful words: ”

I choose to love God because He loved me enough to shed His blood for.

I cannot deny that. I cannot turn away from that beautiful act of incredibly selfless love. The love that rescued me, and is truly, the reason I’m here today.” But, go beyond, read the rest of her excellent story. A touch of class.


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