Tolerance. Ellen Degeneres: The 5 Love Languages — A Connection No One Saw Coming

Now really, I’m not the best example of a tolerant man. I cannot deal with incompetent people or those unwilling to learn. But I won’t bash all and sundry for the sake of it and I do hate crowds stoning defenseless folks.

Once you have read Cara’s typically well-written article, also consider a few other things:

“We” as “Christians” went on Crusades and did so to behead those of different walks of faith. That was in the Middle East. An interesting way to spread a gospel of Love while the Word says to sell your cloak to buy a Sword (of the Spirit.) Even to this day, many Americans use that verse to justify ownership of assault rifles! But do the wear His Word on their hearts ….?? It leads to unloving intolerance.

Then there are parts of beautiful South Africa marred by “xenophobic” attacks. And while it goes deeper than that, it reminds of the (atheist) communist protests and riots under direct supervision of the embittered, intolerant Karl Marx who lived in Cape Town in the mid-1800’s. This was the singlemost factor that had given rise to apartheid. As the religious intolerance of communism had to be opposed.

We see in America an intolerance toward whites due to some 327,000 African slaves that were caught and sold by African chiefs. Bob Marley misunderstood when he sang Buffalo Soldier. Interesting that the 300,000 white slaves from Britain didn’t solicit such bitterness. I also see no anger towards Islamic raiders who had carried away some ten million African slaves. And the 1,25 million white slaves raided from Europe by Muslim Arabs between the 1600’s and 1800’s. So, we see selective intolerance.

My own French ancestor had to swim for it to catch a departing ship with his family already aboard! Soldiers on horses in the surf to behead him. A narrow escape from Catholics who insisted a little biscuit literally was Jesus. Yup. That kind of intolerant fundamentalism decimated nations. They were noblemen reduced to an indigent lifestyle and oppressed by the VOC Dutch at the Cape. One of my own ancestors was in chains in the Dark Hole in the Castle, because of the corrupt state capture governor W.A. Van der Stel.

Thirty years before my French ancestors, my paternal Dutch ones came to the Cape after suffering oppression by intolerant British, French and Spanish, for the best part of a century.

We saw more recently how South Africans opposed Israeli products on the shelves of retail stores. Again religious intolerance driven, as per usual, by opinions and not facts. Emotion can be a brutally cruel extension of the human ego. Not much love there.

We enjoy blamestorming but are we honest ourselves? Do we have the facts or even contemplate considering it?

No! We are overtly quick to judge. To the critics, Bonsai stirred up a hornet’s nest and Ellen sleeps in an incorrect posture. I’m judge of neither and what Ellen does behind closed doors, is between her, her lover and God.

A better way may be to wave and smile. 👌😊

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